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Miami large Thick Inflatable family SPA

Miami large Thick Inflatable family SPA

BATHE ANYWHERE - Fill up this portable InTime inflatable brand bath tub and place it anywhere in your house, condo or apartment and get the bath you’ve longed for.
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Why our inflatable hot bath tubs are best for you?

Bath anywhere, anytime.

Fill up this portable inflatable  bath tub and place it anywhere in your house, condo or apartment and get the bath you’ve longed for. Take it with you wherever you’re camping or out to the cabin and feel fresh once a day. Nurses, caregivers and aids love the safety this tub provides patients, seniors who have trouble going upstairs for a bath, disabled family members or those with injury recovering from surgery. Athletes and trainers use this portable tub after games for immediate ice bath therapy to rejuvenate tired legs before travel too… Loved by apartment renters who only have a stand up shower stall, this tub will allow you to take that bath you’ve longed for, and best of all you can pack it away nice and neat and store it in your closet or beneath the bathroom sink. Kids and children jump up and down with excitement as this tub blows up in the back yard as their child size swimming pool blows up, and mothers with a baby or toddlers love that they can take a bath together like they’ve always wanted…


In just seconds you can have this tub blown up with Coghlan's ELECTRIC PUMP, faster than others and approved in America. The “3 stack” design of this tub makes it a snap to blow up, and the extra large drain holes at the back make it even quicker to deflate. To drain the water, simply pull the plug in the bottom corner and this tub will drain out easily into your shower or sink with it's natural water pressure. Our extra long drain hose ensures that the water goes down the drain and not on your floor too! You can roll up this tub to fit in a gym bag to save space. (Think of how little space an inflatable air mattress takes up in storage.) This tub is an amazing space saver…


The best Spa ever. It is simple way to relax in massaging bubbles and warm water. It contains 81 all surrounding Air jets to provide bubbles which relieve tension from body and provide relaxation. The automatic on/off function reduces energy consumption. The digital control panel control rate of heating up of water (max 2 degree per hour)
Just take out some time for getting relaxed in this tub at any corner of garden. It is good for 4 adults. Filter pump is available for continuous purification of water


Hot inflatable spa is suitable for every one. It has:
Water capacity(80%):177 gallon(669l)
Actual water flow: 350 gal/H (1325L/H)
Heating System:1325w~ 2°-3°F/H(1.0-1.5°c/H)
Heating Voltage:220v
Max. heat capability:104°F( 40°c)
Filled weight:1534LB(696KG)

Showcase in modern life

Powerful music system:

It also contains music system that also have speaker and can be operated by Bluetooth. You can talk on the phone through it. It also have storage place too.

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