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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement explains how Cervitaur collects, uses, and discloses your personal information


Kinds of information collected by Cervitaur

Personal information makes one person different from other person. Cervitaur collects the information to improve the experience of the customers.
We will only collect and use personal information which is necessary to comply with our legal obligations and to assist us to administer our business and provide you with the services you request. 
Cervitaur gathers the information of the customers when they register themselves on our online platform, place order, subscribe to Cervitaur’ newsletter or give response to surveys. During these acts the name, email address, mailing address, cell or office number and aptitude of the person is recorded.

Why Cervitaur collect information?

Cervitaur use the information of the customers during their time of shopping for following purposes.

  • To improve website for enhancing shopping experiences of the visitors.
  • To personalize the requirement of the visitors.
  • To enhance the services given to the customers
  • For processing the transactions.
  • To send mails about our upcoming plans.


Your rights

Cervitaur got the rights to get information of the customers so that we can enhance your experience. But customers got the right to limit our access to their information. Even you got the right to legally forbid the access to your information. Cervitaur do not make unnecessary intrusion into privacy of information, we only request to get information. And if customer is not satisfied than we stop getting their information.

Responsibilities of the customers

The customers themselves are responsible to protect their id and passwords on the Cervitaur. Users should choose strong password with mixture of numeric and alphabets to avoid any intrusion in their account.

Cervitaur uses cookies?

Yes, Cervitaur uses cookies. The cookies are tiny files that we send to the computers of the customers through their web browsers. But it also depends on the customer, if they don’t allow us, we will not use cookie. The purpose of sending cookies by Cervitaur is to identify the browser of the visitor and retain certain information of the visitor. 

Thus cookies helps the Cervitaur to remember the shopping preferences of the visitor and hence help to improve the shopping experience of the customer when they visit Cervitaur second time.

But if customer refuses to share the information, they can simply reject the permission by Cervitaur thus, our server will not be able to remember your details. The customers can contact us on Facebook or Insta-gram for their concerns.

Cervitaur sell information??

No, Cervitaur don’t sell or trade the information of the customers. It is against our policy to share the information of the customers to third party. 

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